Wilson’s Promontory, Australia – Video

October 24th, 2009

Wilson’s Promontory, Australia from Mary Edna Fraser on Vimeo.

Frida Kahlo Night

October 1st, 2009

Dear Friends,

Frida Kahlo night was last night in the dining room and this lady was the best but Donna was on staff at the Textile Forum and could not win grand prize. Many uni-brows and mustaches in dresses paraded through. Australians have so much fun!

Janet is my bossĀ and these are my buddies!

Today I learned from Dean Frenkel (Guinness Book of records for Longest Note) the beginnings of how to throat sing, a lesson I hope to share with my daughters Sarah and Rebecca. We were in a Mongolian yurt. He also gave didgeridoo massage which sent remarkable sound-waves through your back.

More to come, Mary Edna

Lime & the Coconuts Recording on MySpace

September 29th, 2009

Lime (Mary Edna Fraser) and the Coconuts (various talented musicians) reach to the past for swing standards and tunes that make you want to tap your feet. Guitarist and vocalist Roger Bellow plays almost anything with strings other than a puppet. In the circle of superlative pickers he is a cherished music man. On the ukulele is Sandy Hines who sounds like the female lead singer on a scratchy old time record and Noodle with his magician fingers on the frets. Jeff Narkiewicz plays doghouse bass and David Hinson’s vintage drums round out the sound. Adding to the jocularity are the velvet voices of Berita Martin and Anne Goold as well as Keith Namm’s sexy sax and clarinet.

The Lime and The Coconuts from Sunhead Projects on Vimeo.