photograph by Carolyn Russo, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

“Photographing from the open cockpit of my family’s vintage plane, wind in my face translates to batiks on silk, distilling the adventure into a moment of visual poetry.  From five-story draped sculptures to 14-inch wide Kimono Silks, memories flow like water with layers of wax and dye in the calm of an ancient art form.  The expansive interplay of vistas offers intimate meditative prayers for the planet.  Flying and photographing threatened regions is my passion.

As a master dyer, my role as an educator of batik is growing.  I teach internationally and will continue to travel the world and reach out to cultures where my textile art form is a valuable asset, especially to women as a means of livelihood. Large-scale site-specific installations are my forte and I’m actively seek architectural space to sculpt with silk.  Lastly, I hope to employ batik in performance art and continue collaborative projects.”