What the Water Gives Me

“The rich poetry of marjory Wentworth reflects the soul of the Lowcountry and is the perfect companion to the astounding images of Mary Edna Fraser.”
-Dorothea Benton Frank, novelist

“Marjory Wentworth and Mary Edna Fraser are making a quiet plea through their art… expressing their love of nature, concern for the environment and curiosity about where the natural and spiritual world meet.”
-Aida Rogers, The Chicago Tribune

“The batiks amount to visual poetry, and the afterimages linger in the mind like well-loved lines and phrases.”
-Hank Burchard, The Washington Post

“Their work exemplifies the kind of global thinking that environmentalists economists, and others have been urging.”
-Ann Arenson, Charleston Magazine

“I think with most friendships you can get part of what we share, but when you collaborate with someone you share your soul.  This sets it apart.
-Marjory Wentworth

“Synergy stimulates creativity.  You move beyond your normal realm and if that work is with a friend, the bond deepens.  Our project is an intellectually rewarding soulful journey.”
-Mary Edna Fraser