Porch Music


Mary Edna (MEF – Lime) and Mark Andrew Finkbeiner (MAF – Coconut) spent 2020 making music on an enclosed porch looking out over the marsh. The songs are originals written by MEF with MAF adding vocals and instrumental licks. John Sperry (Dr. Babe) played saw on Alligator Pond. Expressing love, joy, sorrow, and just plain silly, the range is folk, swing blues, and roots. Porch Music is dedicated to Lime and the Coconuts, Mary Edna’s fun band based in Charleston, SC. We are thankful for our beloved spouses: John Sperry and Tammy Finkbeiner, family & friends.

Album is 60-minute compact disc and includes domestic shipping. (Alternatively, you can download a digital version of the album for $12 via Bandcamp HERE!)


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