Architect: Richard Powell, LS3P, Charleston, SC
Project: Charleston International Airport, Charleston, SC
Client: Charleston County Aviation Authority

Charleston Waterways is a 74 yard sculpture of batik on silk, 3 feet wide weaving a draped pattern representing the marshes which one flies over when arriving in Charleston International Airport. Each of the 7 drapes repeat an architectural line lending a tent like ceiling to the 20’ x 12’ x 20’ central atrium space. This sculptural design changes as the direction of the entry of the viewer moves and also works from the windows of the second story conference room. Mapping the coastline and peninsula of Charleston, the fabric softens the surroundings adding color and absorbing sound. Installed May 1989, the piece was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo September 1989. The work was replaced May 1991. The design process was a collaborative effort between the architect, the artist and the design committee.

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