Architect: Tabb Heyward
Project: Global Headquarters Trapezoid Atrium, Columbia, SC
Client: PMSC

Global Perception, an 876 square foot silk batik, is a three dimensional adaptation of Buckminster Fuller’s Map. A 21’ x 9’ earth centers on a concrete wall with 7’, 14’ and 21’ drapes of yellow. The floor measures 80’ x 28’ on the largest and shortest axis. Hanging within the 38’ space between the 4th floor and the top railing of the 2nd floor, the silk is suspended from 22 points off of the triangular ceiling grid. Viewers enjoy the sculpture from any catwalk level as well as from the floor. The Pacific Rim and North Pole drapes are 21’ x 6’; South America and Antarctica are 14’ x 6’. These swags are diagonal cuts of Buckminster’s design. The yellows uniting the art vary from lime green to the saffron robes of monks. I see the dyed drapes as candles for the earth’s environmental protection. The design is fragmented and thrown around in space just as countries are often disconnected from each other by language, oceans and culture. Global Perception is believed to be the largest batik on the planet.

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