“Charleston Charted” Installation

On May 6th, Mary Edna, plus studio director AK and assistant Cori, went to the new Ingevity headquarters near Park Circle in North Charleston to supervise the (socially distant) installation of “Charleston Charted” on the 40′ x 15′ stairwell wall. The original batik commission, measuring 171″ x 55″, was expertly shot by MEF’s longtime art photographer Rick Rhodes, one segment at a time for highest resolution. The images were then printed onto twelve 10′ x 4.5′ stretched by Anthony Catalano, who hand-delivered to the site. Installers along with site crew worked diligently to complete the 3-story space, including a waterfall chandelier accenting the colorful movement of the batik. Members of Ingevity, the construction team & design firm LS3P stopped by intermittently throughout the day to monitor progress without crowding the site. Together we all delighted to see our long project through to the end, and a massive blank wall transformed into a map of joy. The mathematical precision of all professionals involved was truly astounding! Once the building is open, we will share more photos and info…

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