“Fossil Fuel Map” is an original 48″ x 55″ batik on silk created for Orrin Pilkey’s newest book entitled “Escaping Nature: How to Survive Global Climate Change.” Pre-order through Duke University Press HERE!

This batik on silk map by artist Mary Edna Fraser shows the areas around the world that potentially have the world’s oil, gas, and coal deposits, based on data from the US Geological Survey, European Commission, and other government sources. Purple and brown areas represent oil and gas, while red areas show possible coal deposits. Conservative in methodology, the map indicates the minimum bounds of fossil fuel on our planet. Developed by Alice McGown and the Leave it in the Ground Initiative, the art showcases the extent of carbon energy sources that must stay in the ground if humanity is to prevent catastrophic climate change. For more information, visit www.leave-it-in-the-ground.org. [Via About Place Journal]