“From Lincoln Peak” for Environmental Defense Fund

Mary Edna’s 78″ x 47.5″ batik on silk “From Lincoln Peak” was recently selected for display on the home page of the Environmental Defense Fund. Creators were asked to imagine the world with 100% clean energy by 2050, and for us that means protecting our natural resources first and foremost. This view depicts Lake Ellen Wilson and Lincoln Lake from 7,450 feet via Gunsight Pass Trail in Glacier National Park.

Exploring Glacier National Park as the Sperry Chalet Artist in Residence in 2015, Mary Edna Fraser painted 14 oils on linen panels and used 3 cameras to capture people, wildlife and scenery. She hiked the park often with a backpack of plein air materials weighing 35 pounds. Returning to Charleston, SC, Mary Edna created larger scale studio oils on canvas and batiks on silk to depict this magical backcountry haven. Mary Edna in her 69 years has explored 35 of America’s National Parks. As an environmental activist her career is devoted to the protection of public lands and waters, and deleting apathy.

Duke University Geoscientist Orrin H. Pilkey provides text to accompany Mary Edna’s art. National Geographic, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum have all featured their collaboration. Together with Orrin’s son Keith Pilkey they published the well received book Global Climate Change: A Primer (Duke University Press, 2011).

The iconic Sperry Chalet was severely burned in the devastating 2017 Sprague fire. The Gateway to Glacier exhibit of Mary Edna’s artwork celebrated reopening of the chalet in 2020.

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