Lewis Ocean Bay

Horry County is growing rapidly and this effort will help save 10,000 acres near Myrtle Beach dedicated as a Heritage Preserve.

Fire, smoke and hospitals do not mix. Lewis Ocean Bay in Conway is perhaps the most biodiverse and unique ecosystem in South Carolina. It is the home to our state’s only stable population of Venus flytraps which are native to the Carolinas. Controlled burns are required to maintain this 10,000 acre preserve and Conway Medical Center is proposing to build a new hospital directly adjacent to Lewis Ocean Bay.

There are many other suitable locations for a hospital, but there is only one Lewis Ocean Bay. They must choose another site as this proposed location puts our communities and natural resources at risk.

Please sign the Friends of Lewis Ocean Bay petition HERE and the Coastal Conservation League petition HERE. Look to South Carolina Environmental Law Project & Coastal Conservation League for continued updates on the mining and highway issues as well. Your engagement is helping to build a strong voice for protecting this sacred landscape.

Thanks to WPDE ABC15News of Myrtle Beach and Florence for sending Andrew James and Josh Davis out to Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve. In the heat of the day, they filmed and interviewed to create a stellar outreach for viewers. 

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