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“A passionate and insightful artist Mary Edna has strived to raise awareness about the fragile beauty and threat to our natural world due to anthropogenic climate change via her exquisite, large scale, signature aerial batiks on silk.

A world traveller who has traversed extensively documenting the extraordinary landscapes on our planet and elsewhere, Mary Edna is one of the early advocates of environmental art. Her ability to merge the fields of art, photography, science, and academic collaboration into a harmonious whole is evidenced through her years of visual and conceptual consistency through her iconic, multi-layered artworks and installations. Taking aerial photographs of our planet’s landscapes during her 50 year career, her works highlight the rapidly growing effects of climate change and the need to generate a more responsible and sustainable society so as to preserve our natural heritage for generations to come.

With her generous and adventurous spirit, Mary Edna shares her artistic processes, poetic vision and life’s work to inform and celebrate the connection that we all have with our solar system, in which our home, planet Earth with its lands, oceans, skies and myriad of life forms is contained.”

Read more of Marie-Therese’s kind words via Art Quill HERE!

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