MEF for Bold Journey

“…I have been a passenger in our family’s 1946 Ercoupe aircraft since I was two weeks old with my Daddy. Flying over the Sea Islands of Georgia, the oblique view changed with altitude and tide as my brother piloted the silver plane in the early 80s.. Through the camera’s eye I have photographed from the open cockpit most of the eastern coastline of the United States. What I have seen is heartbreakingly beautiful and disturbing. Jetties, false harbors, sea walls and landfill have altered nature beyond natural recognition in many locations. Collaborating with respected geoscientist Duke University Professor Emeritus Orrin Pilkey. we produced two books. Global Climate Change: A Primer, Duke University Press and A Celebration of the World’s Barrier Islands, Columbia University Press with over 100 exhibitions of batiks on silk have united our science and art. Batik is an ancient art process using wax and dyes to create colorful patterns and designs. The ephemeral sheen of the silk replicates the atmosphere of the air. Colorful prayer flags for the planet combine with oil paintings expressing moments of visual poetry. I am an environmental activist artist and work with local and national groups to promote awareness of our planet’s fragility….”

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