Metallic Canvas Prints

Over the past year, we have installed several metallic canvas prints based on Mary Edna’s batiks and oils. This format is an affordable way to fill a large space with a durable product that can better withstand sunlight and public interaction. View some examples in the gallery below…

So satisfying are the end results, we are pleased to offer this option for your homes and offices. Choose any of Mary Edna’s original works for archival reproduction on metallic canvas. Stretched over poplar bars with mirror-imaged sides, the finished product is gallery-wrapped and ready to hang. Custom canvases are available in sizes as small as 7″ x 22″, up to 54″ x 120″. Pricing is comparable to framed giclées, listed HERE.

Simply contact us at info@maryedna.com with any inquiries & to order. We love to help with site-specific designs!

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