Studio as Creative Sanctuary

In Charleston’s July heat the studio becomes a creative sanctuary.

Some days are computer driven as we keep up with business, but the real fun is in exploring colors with oils or wax and dyes. When my granddaughter Levi Ivey Bly was born recently I had a metanoia heart experience, a change in one’s way of life rooted in faith.

My work has always been a kind of conduit where intuition is trusted and energy felt. This flow erases time and offers meditative bliss. Just being with Levi makes me feel a happiness bubble inside.

My dear talented daughters LaBanna and Reba influence my art. Dr. Babe makes sure I move into life beyond art. Anna Kate, Cori and Kevin keep the studio on track. Treasured friends and family in this lovely town and beyond fill my heart.

Always count your blessings and come visit the studio if you want a cool time.

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