Dewees Party

Mary Edna’s band Lime & the Coconuts were ferried along with all their instruments to Dewees Island for the 50th anniversary celebration honoring Barb & Dave McIntyre: wonderful hosts, great dancers, and all-around lovely parents of our Environmental Media Consultant/studio assistant Cori. Mary Edna is the “Lime” on strings, and her “Coconuts” included Keith Namm on sax, Fred Young on trumpet, Mark Finkbeiner and Noodle McDoodle on strings too. Everybody sang. Together they played some classic favorites, “Witchdoctor” “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” “What a Wonderful World” plus some originals from the Porch Song album, with Dr. Babe on the saw for “Alligator Pond.” Mary Edna enjoyed painting a dozen more new oils to debut at her show on Dewees, opening September 17th…to which you’ll just have to come if you want to see them! More details coming soon.

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