Metallic Canvas PrintsFebruary 22nd, 2023

Over the past year, we have installed several metallic canvas prints based on Mary Edna's batiks and oils. This format is an affordable way to fill a large space with a durable product that can better withstand sunlight and public interaction. So satisfying are the end results, we are pleased to offer this option for your homes and offices.

FLIGHT at Aiken-Rhett House MuseumAugust 28th, 2022

Mary Edna teams with poets Marjory Wentworth and J Drew Lanham to create an installation of oils, silks and words honoring the enslaved people who lived and worked in the Aiken-Rhett House. Half of all proceeds from art sales will go to Charleston based Center for Heirs Property - Preserving Family Land. Their legal and forestry work has started an economic and land conservation movement that creates intergenerational wealth among historically underserved landowners. Wentworth and Lanham share poems in the Servants Quarters and Laundry. Oils in black frames are placed to tell a visual story of swamps, rivers and landscapes folks traversed seeking freedom. Silks drape through rooms suggesting the spirits of those who were lost and voiceless. Batiks on silk and oils add a visual narrative to the poetry.

Studio as Creative SanctuaryJuly 13th, 2022

In Charleston’s July heat the studio becomes a creative sanctuary...

Creek by Creek at City GalleryMarch 19th, 2022

Creek by Creek is a collaborative effort by artists Mary Edna Fraser and Jeff Kopish, underscoring the perils of plastic pollution and the importance of protecting the Lowcountry’s unique waterways. Featuring an array of Fraser’s batiks on silk and oil paintings and Kopish’s ceramic and found object sculptures incorporating everything from recycled plastic to actual trash, this exhibition aims to further educate the public on environmental issues through the lens of art, and to remind viewers of the consequences of their own actions within the larger ecological systems of which they are a part.... The installation will be on view Wednesdays through Sundays from noon to 5pm starting March 18 and closing May 8, 2022 at City Gallery.

Simplicity of SmallDecember 13th, 2021

Now that Mary Edna's Dewees oils are back in the studio, we have on display a wonderful selection of small 6" x 4" plein air oils (including gold easels) still available for purchase...

SilkwormDecember 13th, 2021

Such an honor to be featured as SPIN Master Dyer in the Fall 2021 issue of Silkworm magazine...

Dewees PressNovember 5th, 2021

Thanks to all the recent buzz, we've added a few more openings to take the ferry over to Dewees Island for a tour of Mary Edna's show at the Huyler House. SIGN UP HERE: www.signupgenius.com/go/mef

Dewees Island OilsSeptember 22nd, 2021

In freezing Winter weather, Mary Edna painted from observation towers on Dewees.... All 18" x 24" paintings are $2,200 and proceeds benefit the Dewees Island Conservancy.

Dewees Island ExhibitSeptember 9th, 2021

The Dewees Island Arts Council & The Dewees Island Conservancy invite you to an exhibit featuring Mary Edna Fraser at the Huyler House Gallery, September 17 - November 14, 2021...

“From Lincoln Peak” for Environmental Defense FundJuly 3rd, 2021

Mary Edna's 78" x 47.5" batik on silk "From Lincoln Peak" was recently selected for display on the home page of the Environmental Defense Fund. Creators were asked to imagine the world with 100% clean energy by 2050, and for us that means protecting our natural resources first and foremost. This view depicts Lake Ellen Wilson and Lincoln Lake from 7,450 feet via Gunsight Pass Trail in Glacier National Park....

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